Telefio :: Group messaging – SMS

There is a very simple and easy to use group text messaging web site called Telefio that I think you can use for something. It’s free (at least for now) but still very useful. If you are a group leader, youth leader, marketer, advertiser, club leader, teacher, parent or just anybody who wants to notify a group of people fast, I think will be pretty useful for you. I know how useful it is for me because I can send a message out to 180 youth members in no time. It’s a lot better than trying to send it on my phone because I can send a message only to 10 people at a time.

Telefio also groups members into categories so you can send a message a certain group. Paid plans are not available at the moment but you will be allowed to send a message using any phone that can text. Pretty cool.

Members can reply to messages sent to them and those replies are grouped also.

You can sign up for a free account at