TeleSMS gem released

The TeleSMS gem was recently released. This gem helps with sending and receiving SMS messages using emails. For example, Verizon has an email-to-sms gateway that allows users to send SMS messages by sending an email to

TeleSMS also encapsulates the logic for receiving SMS messages. Since there are many cases of incorrectly formatted messages, TeleSMS will attempt to return a nicely formatted message along with its metadata.

To send a message, you can do the following:

Telesms::Outgoing.deliver('', '555555555', 'Verizon', 'Message body')

To receive a message, do the following:

# => { from: '555555555', to: '', body: 'Message body', provider: 'Verizon' }

If you have any suggestions or improvements, please let me know or create a pull request on Github.

Telefio uses the TeleSMS gem.

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